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Mozy status update

by Philip Sellers

Its been a couple weeks now since I’ve written a Mozy backup status update.  We have progressed quite a ways in the backup process.  I have interrupted the backups almost every evening once I get home because it was saturating my upstream connection and degrading my internet performance while I was trying to use it.  So, that hasn’t helped my speed issues.  But that does bring one point which Backblaze includes in their software – bandwidth throttling.  That would be a nice feature to keep the client software from saturating your full upstream or downstream connection.

Beyond that, the backup is progressing nicely.  I have less than 10GB of data left to be processed and uploaded.  I think that we will be complete by the end of next week, if not sooner.

Since some data is now online, I am able to see the restore features of the Mozy website.  As somone from Online Backup Reviews commented earlier, Mozy has added the feature of getting your data (snail) mailed to you in the event of a disaster.  The rates are significantly better than Backblaze’s simliar service.

I let my Backblaze trial account lapse.  I haven’t done much more with that software, but I genuinely liked the service and the yearly cost.  I didn’t like the offline restore cost, though, and that kept me from subscribing.  I thought those prices were very high ($99 for DVD?).  I may sign up for a trial of another vendor just to see what the experience and software is like.  More updates soon.

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