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New Zenoss/Deki Mashup Available

by Roger Lund

Those of you out there that read my blog ( yes I think there is someone ) might not know that I am a huge fan of Zenoss , and that I use it to monitor our network, and all the devices on it. ( Shout out to Matt @ Zenoss ) Now, I use the community version, but not only do I love the features of Zenoss , but also the way the Product evolves.

On the Zenoss blog, I see that there is a new Zenoss Deksi mashup.

See New Zenoss/Deki Mashup Available

There is a new Zenoss/Deki mashup now available for combining live Zenoss data with your Deki wiki installation. The mashup places live data from a Zenoss installation in the context of Deki wiki pages for taking configuration notes and other possible future mashups. It pulls live Zenoss device lists and events and creates dynamic wiki pages for the individual devices, populated with live information from Zenoss and you can add notes and attach files as needed. Lots of sysadmins keep a wiki around for tracking their changes to their systems, now you can put some live data in there!

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