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Notable KB articles/Patches for the week

by Roger Lund

I would have liked to have the time to put together a like post with these, but Thanks to VMguy, I didn’t have to, ( not that I would have had time )

I am going to Quote more than I normally do because it warrants review, if nothing else for my self at a later date. Note that I take no credit.

Check out the full post here. Notable KB articles/Patches for the week

First off, there were a number of different patches released this past week from VMware. Please check them out to see if you need to patch. You can find the patch page here . Additionally, if you want, you can be proactively alerted of new patches in your inbox by signing up here .

Each week I post a collection of KB Articles updated within the last week that I find most relevant and asked about by my customers.

This week’s collection of New/Updated KB Articles:

* Differences in Supported Networking Features Between ESX Server 3.5 and ESX Server 3i
* Virtualizing existing domain controllers
* Upgrading from VDM 2.1 to View 3.0 using a clustered setup
* Offline Desktop does not work if the virtual machine resides in an NFS datastore
* Update Manager Client is randomly disabled
* Unlocking View virtual machines in VirtualCenter
* Troubleshooting startup issues or manually reinstalling Fusion
* Jumbo Frames Are Not Available on VMkernel Networking Interfaces in ESX Server 3i
* Disabling access to VMware Tools
* Physical Serial and Parallel Ports Are Not Supported in ESXi version 3.5 and VirtualCenter

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