Home News Pre – VMworld 2010 : Self-Service Private and Hybrid Clouds Come to the Enterprise Courtesy of newScale, rPath, Eucalyptus Systems

Pre – VMworld 2010 : Self-Service Private and Hybrid Clouds Come to the Enterprise Courtesy of newScale, rPath, Eucalyptus Systems

by Roger Lund


Press relations for rPath contacted me, and I thought I would share the information they had on the latest Self-Service cloud solution.

I believe this is a example of the first integrated solutions surfacing with automated features for private and hybrid clouds.

I am sure I am on the first on this, but I’ll take the opportunity to share what I have.


“Inside the Enterprise Cloud

Interest in self-service private and hybrid cloud computing is surging as enterprise business units press their IT departments to deliver the kinds of simple, on-demand infrastructure services readily available from public clouds like Rackspace or Amazon EC2. Many IT organizations, however, are not ready to make the transition from interest to action. They do not have the infrastructure or process maturity to provide the dynamic elasticity found in the public cloud.

The agility benefits of private and hybrid clouds, however, are compelling. With controlled, consistent services and compute capacity available on-demand for project leads and application development and testing groups, IT can step out of the way and focus on higher-value tasks—freeing up resources and budget for faster product delivery and new innovation.

The integrated solution offered by newScale, rPath and Eucalyptus Systems and delivered by MomentumSI creates an on-ramp to self-service private and hybrid cloud computing and can help organizations quickly maximize business agility. The platform comprises the following:

· newScale, a pioneer of the self-service IT storefront for the enterprise, provides an e-commerce ordering experience for both private and public cloud services. With newScale’s software, IT can enable on-demand provisioning, enforce policy-based controls, manage the lifecycle for workloads, and track usage for billing.

· rPath, an innovator in automating system deployment and maintenance, controls and promotes reuse of standardized software infrastructure and automates system construction, maintenance, and on-demand image generation for deployment across any physical, virtual and cloud environment.

· Eucalyptus Systems, creator of the leading open source private cloud software, provides infrastructure software that enables organizations to deploy massively scalable private and hybrid cloud computing environments within a secure IT infrastructure.

· MomentumSI, a pioneer in cloud and service oriented architecture, integration, and application development, provides implementation services, best practices and the adoption model for making the transition to self-service, private and hybrid clouds.”

For more on the press release, or about the company’s.

White Paper

Achieving IT Agility with Self-Service, Automation and Cloud


CTO Q&A: Self-Service Private/Hybrid Cloud Coalition

The New Tool Chain for IT Agility



Recorded Webinar: Focus on IT Agility: Self-Service, Automation, and Elasticity for your Hybrid Cloud


Thoughts and over all impressions on the product? Any beta users out there?



Roger L.

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