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Viridity EnergyCenter – Data Center Energy Management Software – Optimize your Power Bill.

by Roger Lund

viridity reached out to my to see if I would do a write up on their product. They indicated they will be at VMworld, and Wanted to share the product they have. I found it very interesting, and think it applies to a lot of us out there.


Viridity EnergyCenter energy resource management software gives IT and facilities managers a deep understanding of their power consumption and  equipment utilization to increase data center energy productivity and efficiency. EnergyCenter’s patented optimization engine provides actionable information to improve data center energy efficiency and space utilization while increasing savings on capital and operating costs.

Key features of the Viridity EnergyCenter software are:


Within hours, you’ll discover: 

  • Data center power draw
  • Events triggering jobs
  • Average server utilization
  • Number of underutilized servers


Determine the best placement for hardware with:

  • Simple, visual data center layout
  • Physical characteristics of your data center
  • Server placement tool


Dynamically monitors data center power status on:

  • Power draw of your assets
  • Utilization and power consumption


Gathers information and generates reports for:

  • Inventory management
  • Server utilization
  • Top power consumers
  • Underutilized servers
  • Power distribution units

Optimize Data Center Energy Productivity & Efficiency

Use Cases

Tech Refresh – Determine whether to pull up a tech refresh or extend a 3-year or 5-year amortization to 6+ years.

Server Consolidation – Provide data center energy consumption intelligence to server virtualization/consolidation projects.

Server Placement – Increase rack density, optimize space.

Underutilized Servers – Identify non-productive assets and put them to better use or retire them.

Eliminate “Power Over-Provisioning” -  Find the power, cooling, and space capacity you never knew you had”


August 19th, Viridity  Announced $8 Million in Series B funding from current investors. See full link here.

Ok Ok, so what does it look like?

Let me show you, Here are a couple video’s of the product.


I have included a  couple white paper’s provided by the vendor.

Intelligent, Dynamic De-rating:
The Only Way to Energy Management
A Viridity Software Brief
Written by Michael Rowan, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
January 2010

The Importance of Monitoring Utilization

A Viridity White Paper

August 2010


And a Case Study.

Museum of Modern Art Case Study | April 12, 2010


To those of you out there with larger data centers, is this a product that you would be interested in? Who already uses this or a product like this?



Roger L.

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