Home News Press Release – Leaseweb Global Achieves Double the Market Average in Growth

Press Release – Leaseweb Global Achieves Double the Market Average in Growth

by Shawn Cannon

Leaseweb Global announces that it has doubled the market average in its growth.  The full press release can be found below.

Leaseweb Global Achieves Double the Market Average in Growth
Leaseweb Global announced a five-year growth in its global hosting infrastructure and related network capacity that is twice the market average. Through focusing on growing the company’s global presence, Leaseweb has seen a 22% increase in worldwide data center locations, a 55% increase in network capacity, and been able to leap in bandwidth from 5.5 to 10Tbps – all within the last five-years.
Following the launch of new locations in London and Sydney at the end of 2017, Leaseweb opened a data center facility in Miami last year, providing a springboard into South America, and bringing to 20 the total number of data center locations operating globally, with 80,000 servers under management. Most recently, Leaseweb completed the network expansion of its Amsterdam data center, enabling further growth and paving the way for applications that benefit from 100Gbps connectivity. Additionally, the acquisition of US-based managed hosting services companies, ServInt and NOBIS Technology Group, has given more end-users access to Leaseweb’s portfolio of solutions via its existing data centers.
As well as growing its data center location and services portfolio, Leaseweb extended its IaaS platform into Asia via Leaseweb Cloud, completing the full spectrum of its public and private cloud products available in the region. The company also enhanced its cloud backup and protection offerings, allowing the delivery of an easy-to-use, fast and reliable data protection solution for cloud and internet professionals. Moreover, Leaseweb began offering All Flash FAS storage across its cloud portfolio, reducing latency and increasing reliability for business-critical cloud applications.
“Businesses that operate worldwide, which take pride in their competitive edge, seek the kind of global hosting and infrastructure provider who can deliver best-in-class user experiences locally and reliably,” said Alexander Kalkman, CMO at Leaseweb. “This need feeds directly into our goal to grow globally as the first provider businesses turn to for the provision of cloud infrastructure that not only meets local requirements but offers a footprint to reach customers across borders. Looking forward, we are committed to a continued growth trajectory and delivering superior cloud hosting technology globally, engaging with our customers in a personalized, human-to-human manner—an approach unmatched by industry giants and highly valued by our customers.”
Leaseweb has seen success in the Adtech and March sectors, with customers such as Adjust, a mobile attribution and analytics company, leveraging Leaseweb’s ability to provide multiple private racks of dedicated servers across the globe, and Algolia, a distributed search-as-a-service API, chosing to work with Leaseweb due to its customer-centric and global mindset.

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