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Press Release – StorCentric’s Nexsan Announces the E-Series 32F Storage Platform

by Shawn Cannon
StorCentric’s Nexsan Announces the E-Series 32F Storage Platform – the Most Compact, High Density QLC SSD Solution on the Market
Combining Enhanced Performance with Unbeatable Economics for the Most Demanding Enterprise Environments
Nexsan, a StorCentric Company, and a global leader in unified storage solutions, today announced the general availability launch of the E-Series 32F storage platform, the most compact, high density QLC SSD solution on the market, offering 245TB of storage using QLC SSD drives in just 2U of rack space, and up to 491TB if configured with TLC SSD drives.
Designed to deliver enhanced performance and unbeatable economics for the most demanding enterprise platforms, the E32F delivers extremely fast random read performance to analyze the high capacity, performance-sensitive workloads that fuel business. These include real-time analytics, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, media content delivery, user authentication and more.
Robust connectivity options (FC, iSCSI) deliver seamless interoperability along with a qualified OS support matrix. The E32F also supports Nexsan’s E-Flex Architecture, which allows users to select up to two of any of four expansion systems available and expand to over 2PB. This gives organizations the flexibility to size systems exactly as required within their rack space requirements.
QLC (quad-level cell) NAND packs 33% more data into every memory cell compared to its TLC (triple-level cell) equivalent at a much more reasonable price point. QLC storage delivers seven times the performance over 10K HDDs. This makes the E32F an ideal replacement for HDDs in performance-sensitive workloads.
“The Nexsan E-Series storage arrays give customers the capacity and performance needed for their data workloads, along with the ultra-reliability Nexsan is long known for,” commented Mihir Shah, CEO of StorCentric, parent company of Nexsan. “Hard working, ultra-reliable and offering market-leading performance, the E32F delivers storage without worries.”
For further information about the Nexsan E-Series 32F, please visit: https://www.nexsan.com/high-density-storage/

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