Scale on the up with Scale computing Hypercore 7.3 and Hardware updates

Scale Computing have been making waves in the hyperconvergence world and their recent announcement of hardware updates and new admin friendly additions to their HyperCore management software are sure to continue to impress. Especially considering the recent News of their HC3 cloud utility integrating HC3 Scale’s excellent seamlessly with Google’s cloud platform, allowing unthought of (for me anyway) IT agility for anyone with existing VMware virtualized infrastructure or those wishing to implement one. Any company can buy a complete HCI package from Scale with assured futureproofing and effortless upscaling on premises or off
Now let’s turn to the HyperCore 7.3 updates and hardware releases from scale, I got hold of some slides for your enjoyment.

As you can see, some impressive updates with all flash systems now available with incresed storage utiliztion, furthermore I.T. departments should be pleased with a multi-user interface, allowing greater tracking in multi-admin IT departments.
Stay tuned for more details on the HC3 Cloud utility form Scale….


Written by Phil Marsden