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Spiceworks: Integrated suite of cloud-based tools

by Michael Davis

Also announced today at SpiceWorld Spiceworks also announced a free cloud based inventory application that integrates with their existing cloud based Help Desk and Remote Support applications.  It will scan all IP enabled devices on a network giving the usual inventory details such as OS, hardware details and installed software.  To get started with Spiceworks Inventory head over here, or continue reading below for the full press release.


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Spiceworks Adds Free Network Inventory Application to its Suite of Integrated Cloud-based Solutions

Personalized, in-app insights and recommendations will help IT professionals proactively address business technology needs as they emerge

AUSTIN, Texas — October 9, 2018 — Today at SpiceWorld 2018, Spiceworks announced a new cloud-based Spiceworks Inventory application that integrates with the cloud editions of Spiceworks Help Desk and Spiceworks Remote Support to help IT professionals more intuitively manage their technology assets and support end users from a single, easy-to-use ecosystem. Spiceworks also previewed how the company will provide personalized insights and recommendations directly within its cloud-based applications, enabling businesses to proactively address their unique technology challenges as they emerge.

“Our integrated cloud-based applications are part of our larger strategy to leverage AI technologies to directly connect IT professionals with the most helpful content, tools, and experts they need to drive their businesses forward,” said Manish Dixit, senior vice president of products and engineering at Spiceworks. “Today’s launch, coupled with new AI capabilities that have been applied to our platform, puts Spiceworks in a unique position to predict the technology challenges businesses are facing and help them become more strategic about addressing the obstacles to success.”

Engagement across Spiceworks, including its applications, technology discussions, how-tos, learning modules, product reviews, and more, fuel the company’s platform that now utilizes AI to more directly connect technology buyers to the information and people they need to get their jobs done. This data-powered approach enables personalized insights and recommendations at scale and helps businesses more proactively address their unique technology needs and challenges in any given moment.

As the company’s cloud-based applications and platform simultaneously evolve, businesses can expect Spiceworks applications, including Spiceworks Inventory, to become smarter and more responsive on an individualized basis. For example, the application could proactively notify an IT professional when laptops may need replacing and, unprompted, provide a list of the top 10 laptop purchases by technology buyers in the same industry and company size. Spiceworks could also flag when a business is receiving an abnormal amount of help desk tickets about its anti-virus software and provide a list of alternative solutions that are better suited for their environment.

Integrated IT tools help businesses more intuitively manage their technology assets and support end users

Today, the new cloud-based Spiceworks Inventory helps businesses discover all IP-enabled devices on their network from laptops and servers to smartphones and IoT devices. Together, Spiceworks Inventory, Help Desk, and Remote Support close the knowledge gap between the hardware and software on corporate networks and the technology challenges businesses are encountering. In the coming months, Spiceworks Connectivity Dashboard will also integrate with the cloud-based applications to help ensure end users stay connected to mission-critical applications.

Key features and use cases for the cloud-based version of Spiceworks Inventory include:

  • Scan and report on all IP-enabled devices with details such as the manufacturer, MAC Address, IP address, device name, and open ports.
  • Document hardware details for workstations and servers, such as the CPU, memory, disk, network, serial number, and more.
  • Document installed software on workstations and servers, such as the software install date, name, vendor, and version of all software installed on each computer.
  • Identify all operating systems on a network, including Windows and Mac systems, and spot devices running operating systems that have reached end of life.
  • Discover devices and software from unwanted or unknown vendors and create a help desk ticket to track your investigation.

The cloud version of Spiceworks Inventory is now available. The in-app insights and recommendations customized for businesses’ unique needs will begin rolling out in the coming months. For more information visit https://www.spiceworks.com/free-pc-network-inventory-software/.

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