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Spiceworks Platform: New AI capabilities

by Michael Davis

Spiceworks announced today the integration of A.I. into their platform to bring an increasingly personalized experience to the approximately 20 million people who utilize Spiceworks quarterly.  Fast Answer pages is the first application, and groups the best answers for frequently asked questions together for quick access.  To read more about how Spiceworks plans to utilize A.I. see the press release after the jump.



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Spiceworks Platform Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Fuel Dedicated IT Marketplace

New AI capabilities connect technology buyers and sellers with the resources and people they need to drive growth for their organizations

AUSTIN, Texas — October 9, 2018 — Today at SpiceWorld 2018, Spiceworks unveiled how new artificial intelligence capabilities are being used to power personalized experiences at scale and more directly connect technology buyers and sellers in the $3 trillion IT industry. The AI capabilities enable Spiceworks to connect technology buyers with the people, tools, and information they need to support their organizations with confidence. Simultaneously, they enable technology brands to identify and engage the right buyers in their moment of need, ensuring a more trusted, relevant connection for both parties. Today, nearly 20 million people come to Spiceworks every quarter to get answers to their technology challenges, up 30 percent year over year.

“We’re building the first community-powered marketplace for the IT industry, one that couples unique first-party data and pervasive intelligence to directly connect technology buyers and sellers with the resources they need in any given moment,” said Jay Hallberg, CEO and co-founder of Spiceworks. “With the critical mass we’ve achieved, this evolution marks an important milestone in our history – the development of AI technologies that can be leveraged across Spiceworks to reshape how technology buyers and sellers get their jobs done.”

AI-powered platform reduces friction between technology buyers and sellers

Technology buyers and the businesses they represent find themselves lost in a landscape that’s constantly shifting and expanding. The result: a sense of frustration and lack of confidence in their ability to find the insights, content, tools, and people they can trust to make informed decisions. Simultaneously, technology brands spend over $300 billion each year on marketing and sales, much of which is wasted or spent inefficiently. Technology buyers and sellers need a new approach and partner they can trust to help them make better decisions and drive their businesses forward.

The Spiceworks platform is powering new personalized experiences at scale that provide technology buyers with the resources they need to make business technology decisions with confidence, while also enabling technology brands to identify and engage buyers more efficiently. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze billions of data signals every day, including interactions across Spiceworks such as community discussions, technology how-tos, learning modules, product reviews, and a suite of IT management tools. These insights are then used to connect technology buyers and sellers as they’re searching for the people or information they need to get their jobs done.

Examples of personalized experiences the platform is enabling today include new Fast Answer pages that utilize artificial intelligence to group the best answers for frequently-asked technology questions in one easily-accessible place. Fast Answers allows IT professionals to more quickly find a solution to their technology challenge in any given moment by scanning hundreds of thousands of topic pages to identify the most helpful information across Spiceworks, including IT best practices, how-tos, product comparisons, and more.

Spiceworks’ platform is also enabling technology brands to reach in-market businesses — and the buyers within them — based on purchase intent across 14 technology categories including security, cloud services, backup and recovery, networking, and more. The new intent-based targeting capabilities also provide a better, more relevant experience for technology buyers seeking connections to the brands that can help them when they need it most.

As additional AI capabilities are applied to its platform, the company will enable more personalized experiences and human connections that help technology buyers get their jobs done more efficiently while allowing technology vendors to engage buyers in a more meaningful way.

About Spiceworks

Spiceworks is the marketplace that connects the IT industry to help technology buyers and sellers get their jobs done, every day. The company helps people in the world’s businesses to find, adopt, and manage the latest technologies while also helping IT brands build, market, and support better products and services. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Spiceworks empowers people to use technology to make their organizations, their communities, and the world better. For more information, visit http://www.spiceworks.com.

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