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STOP shipping adware to customers through Installers

by Philip Sellers

Attention Software Vendors!!  I kindly request that you STOP shipping adware to customers through your Installers.  Twice this week, I have had installers attempt to add software onto my system that I never agreed to.  CNET’s installer offered me a dose of extra adware for a program I needed on my Mac and today a vendor, whose product I had PAID for, attempted to install adware on my system without giving me the option to opt out.  Its a common practice to include browser bars and other search helps with free software.  Big vendors like Oracle are paid by search vendors to package their products with Java installers. But I’m not complaining about them, specifically, because Oracle is asking before throwing the crap browser bars onto your system.

No, today, I experienced a new low.  I have used PowerISO for a few months now and I was honestly happy with their product.  Today, it prompted me to update to its latest version and I clicked the button to download and install this update. On download, however, without any further prompts, it attempted to install SearchProtect by Conduit, which is a browser hijack malware.  Luckily, my antivirus caught this attempt and blocked it.  Much to my surprise, SearchProtect persistently attempted to install SEVERAL more times.  This is absolutely underhanded.

Before taking to my blog, however, I did send my feelings to the company in the form of the email below, but I doubt it will do any good.  In the least, take it from me – don’t use PowerISO.

To: [email protected]
Subject: SearchProtect Malware in Update
I am HIGHLY disappointed that after purchasing your product, when I was prompted to download an update that the update attempted to install malware.  On download, the updater attempted to install SearchProtect by Conduit onto my system which my ANTIVIRUS caught and stopped from installing.  I paid for your product and I do not appreciate you attempting to sneak other adware onto my system.  I am searching for an alternative product to meet my needs, but it will not be your product.  You have lost my trust.

Philip Sellers

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