VMworld 2015 Sponsors – Zerto and Opvizor

The final 2 sponsors for vBrainstorm at VMworld 2015 are Zerto and Opvizor! First up is Zerto!  Zerto says it best with this excerpt from their web site: Zerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized IT infrastructure & cloud. They not only provide your typical backup of VMs but also virtual […]

Opvizor Inside the Dashboard.

This is my first post on a series of posts about opvizor. http://www.opvizor.com/ Opvizor is a predictive analysis and issue prevention tool. In my previous post, Getting Opvizor Working by Michael White worth a read. Michael outlines the install process. I will continue , assuming you have setup the product.   Once we login to the webpage at https://opvizor.com/login/  we […]

Getting Opvizor Working by Michael White worth a read.

Michael White another vExpert did a great write up on Opvizor www.opvizor.com Opvizor has engaged the VMware vExpert program to allow us to dive into the program. Michael’s write up shows how to install the product.   Getting Opvizor Working – and is it interesting or what!   “If you watch the video on their home page you will […]