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Take a LEAP to a natural user interface

by Philip Sellers

Everyone by now has seen Microsoft Kinect or at least a commercial for it.  That sort of natural interaction with a computer is a holy grail or sci-fi dream, depending on who you ask.  It’s something out the Iron Man or Minority Report.  There’s been a lot of talk about voice control (like Siri) and other natural interfaces.


It looks like natural user interface may be coming closer to reality through a device known as the Leap.  The Leap looks a lot like thin track pad that sits near your keyboard of the computer, but allows you to interact with a computer or program onscreen in a fairly normal way.  For instance, use a pencil, like a pencil, in the air to draw things on the screen as if it were paper.  Or use your hands to control a car or plane in an on-screen game.  I have to admit, this looks really cool! I could try to explain it, or show you the video I saw – which explains it all.

I cannot wait to see real apps to support a device like this…

via Uncrate and more information at http://live.leapmotion.com/

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