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Tech gear for the traveller

by Philip Sellers

In honor my trip out to Vegas today, I thought it was appropriate to post out some of my favorite geek gear for the trip.  For any trip, I’m equipped with my laptop, iPhone, iPad, and for this trip, my HP TouchPad (running WebOS and Android).  But there are other accessories that I like to bring along to help along the way.

Belkin Mini-Surge Protector with USB

It might be funny that I would list a Belkin mini-surge protector here, but considering the laptop and portable devices we carry now, we never have enough available sockets in rooms, at conference tables or even enough USB ports to charge our phones and tablets.  This bad boy goes a long way towards  fixing the problem, and its very portable.  Best part, you can pick one up for around $20 or less.

Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation

I can never seem to have enough battery life for my phone or TouchPad.  The iPad does surprisingly well keeping up with me, but on my last trip, I invested in a Mophie Juice Pack – a portable battery that is capable of two full recharges on my iPhone or almost a full charge of one of the tablets.  This thing is great and cost was only $79 retail, or $64 on Amazon right now.


I absolutely love my ZAGGsmartbuds.  One of my coworkers was the first to get a set and after seeing his, I knew I wanted them, too.  I own two sets now – one I use almost daily and one that I keep as a backup.  They have really never let me down and I’m pretty tough on headphones (been through like 10 sets of Apple ear buds before my ZAGGs). These guys retail for $49 direct from ZAGG and you can also find them through other retailers.


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