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The Kemp Application Experience (AX) Fabric

by Shawn Cannon

Kemp (formally KEMP Technologies) recently introduced a more robust way to make sure your applications are highly available to your customers!  This is called the Kemp Application Experience (AX) Fabric.  What exactly is this?  Here is what Kemp states on their web site

The Kemp 360 Application Experience (AX) Fabric is an elastic and infinitely scalable application delivery and load balancing interconnect. The Kemp 360 AX Fabric combines best-in-class load balancing, centralized management and predictive analytics to enable customers to deliver an optimal application user experience while maintaining the centralized insight required to be in total control of the application environment

Sounds pretty impressive!  Being able to scale resources on demand and centrally manage the process is ideal.  Let’s look into the features!

Advanced ADC – Best-in-class load balancers that can be deployed easily as hardware, virtual or natively in public cloud environments

Kemp has always been known for great load balancers so it makes sense that this would be a key feature in the AX fabric.  The ADCs can be anywhere you need them to be, on premises as hardware or virtual and also in public cloud.  Being able to serve all type of deployments is very important and Kemp delivers.

Management & Control – Centralized automated load balancer provisioning and simplified day-to-day management of application experience

As I said before, centralized management on the AX is the best way to deliver the best application experience for your users.

Predictive Analytics – Intelligent data correlation provides early detection of AX issues with actionable insight to resolve issues before they occur

Predictive Analytics is on par with Artificial Intelligence in my opinion.  This feature is very important if you want to deliver a top-notch application experience to your users. Being able to resolve potential issues before they occur is how this experience can be delivered.

Metered Licensing – Unlimited ADC instances, Monthly billing, Subscription tiers from 1Gbit, Deploy on premises or in the Cloud

I am seeing more and more products charge by the throughput used which is how Kemp licenses the AX Experience Fabric.  This allows you to deploy unlimited instances of the ADC no matter where they reside.

Scalability – Metered licensing means that traffic is never restricted due to a license limitation allowing deployed ADC instances to scale down, up and out as demands change.

Scalability goes right along with the licensing.  Being able to deploy unlimited instances of the ADC allows you to scale down as demand decreases or scale up as demand increases.

Simplified Cloud Migration – No cost overhead on having multiple ADCs on-premises and in the cloud means that Kemp 360 Central provides cross platform management with a single point to control all ADC resources (including 3rd party) and simplify cloud transition with single click migration of virtual services.

As stated, if you want to migrate ADCs from on premises to the cloud, this can be done with one click. Kemp has made this process super easy!

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud – The Kemp Application Delivery Fabric ensures application resilience and total flexibility in where ADC resources are deployed. Because the fabric is licensed based on overall measured throughput, ADC resources are not tied to any application or platform.

This is one of the best features in my opinion.  You can have your ADC resources running anywhere, even in multi-cloud instances.  There may be business reasons for using more than one cloud provider so being able to run ADCs in both is amazing!

Maintaining AX with Predictive Analytics – Kemp 360 Vision is a proactive monitoring and remediation service that ensures the availability and performance of the application delivery fabric by identifying emerging issues and providing pre-emptive remediation using a combination of machine and human analysis.

As touched on before, to keep AX up and running and performing optimally, Kemp 360 Vision help identify issues that it believe are about to occur and remediate them before a problem arises.  This is the future of application availability.

Check out these videos to learn about some of these features:

Kemp 360 | Vision – How predictive analysis prevents service outages


Metered Licensing – An overview of metered licensing (MELA) from Kemp

Learn more about the Kemp Application Experience (AX) Fabric here!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Kemp compensated me for my time but any opinions given are my own.

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