Introduction to HPE Cloud Volumes

Introduction to HPE Cloud Volumes

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Dianne Gonzalez

Hybrid Cloud is the future

Empower innovators agility and innovation across all clouds

  • On-Demand
  • Elastic Sale
  • Consumption

Across Edge , Private and Public Cloud

Digital Transformation Drives hybrid cloud challenges

IT-OPS are catch in aBi-Model world.


Virtualized Business Critical Apps , Mode 1

New Devops Style Apps, Mode 2

  • Offering Enterprise Grade, 99.9999% availability
  • Unified, Consistent Application Data Services
  • Data Mobility & Portability

Targeted Solutions:

  • Bi-Directional Migration
  • Hybrid CI/CD
  • Hybrid AI/Analytics
  • Multi-Cloud Protection
  • Hybrid Data Protection

HPE Delivers Leading Cloud software and services to customers

  • HPE Infosight
    • AI-Driven Operations for Hybrid cloud.
  • HPE Cloud Volumes Block
    • Enterprise-grade multi cloud services for storage and managing data in public clouds.
  • HPE Cloud Bank Storage
    • Integrated end-to-end protection from the data center to the cloud

350PB of data under management, Excluding Infosight.


HPE Cloud Volumes Block

  • Public Could services that scale performance capacity independently and elastically
  • Low latency data access
  • Multi-cloud without the hassle of data migration
  • Enterprise grade data management
  • Hybrid mobility and data protection
  • No Lock-in, no egress charges, complete visibility
  • Managed on-demand through portal and API’s

Multi-Cloud Data Storage and Management


No egress charger to migration back to on-prem nimble.

Allows for failure of a Cloud provider to another , by failing over the storage to a different cloud provider.

Infosight Predictive analytics provides for visibility to present cost data



Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Experience for containerized workloads



True Hybrid Cloud for Containers



HPE Cloud Bank Storage – Simple and Cost  Effective Archive.

  1. Muti Cloud Support
  2. Backup to the cloud for cost effective long term retention
  3. Protect > 100 PB in the public clouds at low cost starting at .001GB /month.


This is part of the Tech Field Day Exclusive with HPE Storage 2019


Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader