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Unleash Your Data With Intelligent Storage

by Roger Lund


Coming to you live from California at the Tech Field Day event, #TFDx, @HPE_Storage , #NthSymp2019


Kicking things off is Beth Joseph. Unleash Your Data With Intelligent Storage.

What does this mean? It’s about the vision. Intelligence changes everything.

Dawn of the intelligence Era

Flash era

  • Speed
  • simplicity
  • efficiency


Cloud Era

  • agility
  • as-a-service
  • experience


Intelligence era

  • AI-Driven Experience.


Intelligence is Key for infrastructure management.

  • More than 90% of problems arise from above the storage layer.


Intelligence is key for taming the hybrid complexly.

Intelligence is the key to Data Management.

Intelligence is key for extracting value from Data explosion.

  • Greater than 40ZB in 2020.


You need an intelligent Data Strategy


Introducing a Intelligent Data Platform.

  • App workloads
  • Big Data / AI
  • Automation connections
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Global Intelligence Engine,
  • Workload-optimized composable systems
  • Any Cloud




Workload-optimized composable systems

  • Mission Critcal
  • General Purple
  • Secondary
  • Ai / Analytics

Any Cloud

  • Edge
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud


HPE GreanLake

As a Service Solution.


HPE Intelligent Data Platform is built for the intelligent era.


A few Customers :



Empowering the business with AI drive insight.


Built for cloud to move data on their own terms.


A Data Platform of the future.


Part of the coverage at Tech Field Day Exclusive with HPE Storage 2019 https://techfieldday.com/event/tfdxhpe19/

Roger Lund

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