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Update on my money management software

by Philip Sellers

A commenter asked for an update on Moneywell and my switch to it for my primary money management platform.  Alas, I have to report that its not good news.  I have completely abandoned Moneywell and I haven’t launched the software in several months.  Here is the update I sent to my commenter, Daniel:

Unfortunately yes, I am still using Microsoft Money – I can’t break my habits there and Moneywell, albeit nice, has some things that I just can’t get accustomed to.  I really need the running totals on accounts because of the number of transactions that I post each week and missing those makes it very hard to reconcile my accounts.  I think that is the key feature missing for me.  I just wish there was a preference to enable that within the program.  It seems like such an easy feature to add.

I notice too that Quicken is releasing an “Essentials for Mac” package with the new Financial Life, but that won’t meet my needs – particularly on the investment side.  So I am still looking.  I would switch to Mint.com if I were able to import my account histories.  I just have so much past history in my data file that I want to keep for year to year reference and to look back – I hate to abandon it, but I fear that I’ll soon be locked out if I ever have to reinstall MS Money.

I know that I can’t be the only Mac user in the world looking for a suitable money management package.  Its a market which has a bunch of new options – what are some – what are you using?

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