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Veeam Monitor 3.0 Free Edition

by Roger Lund

Veeam has a new product titled : Veeam Monitor 3.0 Free Edition

I am currently testing this with my ESXi Boxes, I will report how it go’s

The Veeam Monitor Free Edition is an easy-to-use VMware monitoring solution designed to meet the day-to-day needs of VMware administrators who need real-time performance monitoring and alerting. Built from the ground up specifically for the virtual world, Veeam Monitor provides a bird’s-eye view of key performance metrics across your virtual ESXi infrastructure.

With Veeam Monitor, you can view real-time resource usage data for any virtual infrastructure object or collection of objects, as well as known infrastructure events, all on a single screen. This allows you to finally see your virtual infrastructure as a unified entity, not just a collection of isolated hosts and guests.

Features and Benefits

* Performance monitoring

Veeam Monitor provides comprehensive data on resource consumption and workload, from VirtualCenter, or ESX and ESXi hosts all the way down to the individual virtual machine level. Detailed real-time statistics are provided for key parameters critical to the health of the virtual environment, such as CPU and memory usage, disk and network I/O, and swap usage. Real-time data for multiple VI objects can be viewed in a convenient consolidated view for each ESX host, resource pool or cluster. This speeds up analysis and troubleshooting, and helps you identify potential resource bottlenecks faster than is possible using the Virtual Infrastructure Client.
* Correlation of event and performance data

Veeam Monitor helps you understand how virtual infrastructure activities affect your VM performance, and solve resource usage mysteries with real-time monitoring graphs displaying known virtual infrastructure events, such as VMotion, snapshot creation and deletion, or backup activities, directly on the performance graphs.
* User interface optimized for monitoring

The Veeam Monitor user interface was designed and optimized specifically for monitoring tasks. You can switch easily between different views to quickly find the VMware Infrastructure component you are looking for, or you can perform an integrated search. Drill down to an individual VM and find out how much CPU and memory it is consuming, and even connect to the VM console – all right from the Monitor user interface. Find out at a glance which components of your VMware infrastructure are the largest resource consumers: the Tops section of Veeam Monitor helps you identify which virtual machines are consuming the most CPU, memory, disk I/O and network resources.
* Advanced alerting and flexible alarms

Veeam Monitor provides comprehensive alerting with custom alarms that can be based on many sources. You can easily set up e-mail notifications or SNMP traps for important events such as a given number of running VMs is exceeded, VM heartbeat is lost, a specific event is generated by VirtualCenter etc. Being alerted on such events allows for faster administrator response to critical issues, helping you to maintain better health and uptime of your virtual infrastructure. The Free Edition allows you to set and use up to ten alarms.
* Scalable architecture

Veeam Monitor is an enterprise-level client-server application that enables multi-admin access to performance data without affecting ESX server and VirtualCenter performance or changing your access policies. It gathers all performance information into a local or remote SQL database, allowing users to access infrastructure-wide performance data and reporting as needed. While you are using the Free Edition, this data is still gathered, so that if you later choose to upgrade to the full Veeam Monitor, you will have access to this historical data for capacity planning, chargeback and trend analysis.
* Support for multiple VirtualCenters

Veeam Monitor can be optionally integrated with VMware VirtualCenter to provide cluster-aware monitoring of your virtual machines. Veeam Monitor supports and extends VMware’s management framework, offloading the monitoring burden from VirtualCenter for enhanced VC performance. And with support for consolidating performance data from multiple VirtualCenters, Veeam Monitor shows performance data from your entire virtual infrastructure on a single screen – no matter how large your VMware deployment is.
* Easy to deploy and use

While providing you truly enterprise-scale architecture, Veeam Monitor has extremely low system requirements comparing to other VMware monitoring solutions. Veeam Monitor takes minutes to deploy and use in any size environment. Installation package contains everything you need to start using the software right away, minutes after you download it!
* Simple upgrade to the full version

Full Post http://www.veeam.com/esxi-monitoring-free.html

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