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VMware® ESXi Dell Solution Guide

by Roger Lund

I was browsing the net looking for ESXi configuration information and found this : VMware® ESXi Dell Solution Guide @ Dell’s Website.

VMware® ESXi Dell Solution Guide


VMware ESXi Server Features

Dell Supported Configurations

VMware Infrastructure Architecture

Solution Deployment

Management Software Installation

Solution Licensing

Image Recovery for Flash-Based Systems

Image Recovery for Hard Disk Based Systems

Appendix A: Deployment Best Practices Check List

Appendix B: Enabling and Disabling the VMware ESXi Server Software When Installed on Flash Memory (Non-Blade Systems)

Appendix C: Sample Step-by-Step Management Network Configuration

Appendix D: Modifying Remote Access Console Virtual Media Status

Appendix E: Configuration Backup and Restore Procedures

Appendix F: Troubleshooting

Appendix G: Select Bootable Virtual Disk

Appendix H: Multiple Virtual Disks in a Disk Group

Appendix I: Related Documents

There is some good information here, both on configuration’s for ESXi, and Dell Specific information.

Full Post : http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/software/eslvmwre/EN/VES_3i/Solutions%20Guide/HTML/body.htm

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