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Vmware ESXi Adding ISCSI Target

by Roger Lund

Vmware ESXi Adding ISCSI Target

Steps to Configure ISCSI Target in VMware ESXi

1. Login to Infrastructure Client
2. Click the Configuration Tab
3. Click Storage Adapters
4. Highlight iSCSI Software Adapter
5. Click Properties
6. Click Configure
7. Check Enable and hit ok
8. Click Dynamic Discovery
9. Click Add
10. Type in the IP Address of the Server or Device that has the ISCSI Target.
11. Click OK
12. Click Close
13. If prompted to rescan of the host, click yes. If not, click rescan and hit ok
14. Click Storage
15. Click Add storage
16. Click next
17. Make sure the lun number is correct and click next
18. At the hard disk is blank, hit next
19. Name the datastore, a new name, ISCSI02 for example.
20. Select 2048 GB Block size 8 MB and make sure Max Cap is check, click next.
21. Click Finish.

Now you should have a new Data store, which is really on a different computer!

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