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VMware Site Recovery Manager – links, lessons, and labs

by Roger Lund

At the last MN twin cities VMUG, a user asked about Site Recovery Manager, and who was using it. Zero hands went up. Therefor, when I saw that http://vmetc.com had posted a blog entry titled : VMware Site Recovery Manager – links, lessons, and labs I took note.

This post is a collection of VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) links that have been building up as various notes, to dos, and draft posts collecting dust for VM /ETC. I’m including links to popular blog posts describing how to set up “in a box” demo lab environments for SRM, links to a couple free chapters from a SRM book, and links to multiple VMworld 2008 SRM presentations for those readers that did not get attend either VMworld Europe or VMworld in Las Vegas this year. Finally, at the end of this post I am also including the VMworld 2008 Installing Configuring and Troubleshooting SRM lab materials.

Be sure to follow all links to read the original content, but I am briefly quoting from each source to provide some descriptions.

New SRM posts and links seem to be popping up daily. If you have a great SRM link please leave it in the comments for all to find.


Some examples of the good links in the blog.

SRM in a Box final release (the complete setup)

Site Recovery Manager in a Can” – Celerra Virtual Appliance HOWTO 401


Make sure to check out the the full post with full links on the below page.

Full Post http://vmetc.com/2008/12/26/vmware-site-recovery-manager-links-lessons-and-labs/

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