VMware vSphere 5 Licensing – Customer take? Your saying I pay what!?

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My questions are more around per proc cost and higher dense servers.

In the example, I have I will use a blade system. Let’s assume these are two Socket Blades.

If I have eight blades in a chassis, with 256GB per blade . Totaling 2048GB of memory. And today, via vSphere 4.x , I could use this memory.

Now, I could max my memory in this example configuration for 512GB per blade. Totaling 4096. And today, via vSphere 4.x , I could only use half of this memory.

Today, I need 16 Enterprise Plus Licenses, at the VMware store price of Only $4,369.00. Totaling $69,904.

Using the vSphere 5 licensing, if I want to use 2048GB of memory ( now, you could subtract memory required to support HA)

We are talking about 2048 / 48 = 42.66 licenses. Therefore, I will round up. 43 * $4369.00 = $187,867.00 . This is a difference of $117,963 More to use the same memory.

Using the vSphere 5 licensing, if I want to use 4096GB of memory ( now, you could subtract memory required to support HA) And, currently, this is not possible with vSphere 4.

We are talking about 4096 / 48 = 85.333   licenses. Therefore, I will round down.85 * $4369.00 = $371,365.00


Now, in a four socket configuration, you get more CPU, but the cost stay’s the same.



We are talking about a huge price difference, now, I am not saying I agree or disagree, but I think at that cost, it will be hard to move customers into the vSphere 5,  market.

And as a VMware vExpert, and VMUG leader, what I don’t want is to see people shy away from VMware and towards a competitive product.

What is everyone thoughts?



Officially, I have no opinion as cost is just cost. but this subject is one that a customer brought to my attention almost as soon as the product launched. 


Roger Lund

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader