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VMworld 2009: Introducing NetApp DataMotion & Introduction to SMVI 2.0

by Roger Lund

http://netapptips.com has two write up’s on new products from NetApp


VMworld 2009: Introduction to SMVI 2.0

SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure 2.0

As some of you may have seen NetApp, announced an enhanced version of SnapManager for VI (SMVI 2.0) which among other things provides support for Single File Restores from within a VMDK. However, this is not the only enhancement provided by 2.0.

What’s New with SMVI 2.0:

  • Autosupport Integration
  • Backup Enhancements & GUI Re-design
  • Snapshot Naming Changes
  • Scripting
  • Restore Enhancements
  • Single File Restore
  • Self-Service Restore
  • Limited Self-Service Restore
  • Administrator-Assisted Restore
  • Restore Agent “


VMworld 2009: Introducing NetApp DataMotion


“As part of our Cloud vision announcement last week, we announced the availability of NetApp DataMotion.  We will be discussing DataMotion in the NetApp booth (#2102) via mini-theatre presentations, demos and whiteboard sessions.  For anyone that is not attending VMworld this week, you can view the demo that we’re showing in the booth below.

What I’d like to discuss today is some misunderstading that we’re seeing around when DataMotion should be deployed.  The immediate question is whether NetApp DataMotion is a replacement or competitor to VMware Storage vMotion. This is absolutely not the case, in fact DataMotion is a very complimentary technology to both Storage vMotion and to any data center looking to move towards 100% virtualization. 

As we’re stated many times in the past, our strategy with VMware is to embrace and extend the strategy of helping our customers.  DataMotion builds upon this strategy.  In fact, DataMotion takes NetApp to the next level in mirroring the virtual capabilities that Server Administrators have become familiar with in VMware for many years.  DataMotion creates the concept of virtual storage arrays (vFilters, NetApp MultiStore), analogous to VMware Virtual Machines (think of them as Storage VMs).

DatMotion simply extends the concept of Storage vMotion to entire datastores and entire vFilers.  So if you need granularity in moving storage associated with VMware VMs, continue to use Storage vMotion.  But if you’re migrating huge amounts of VM storage (adding new storage arrays, etc.), then DataMotion becomes an outstanding compliment to simplify that migration.”

Thanks to netapptipps for the write up!


Roger L.

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