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Xangati Release Version 8!

by Roger Lund

http://xangati.com/ released a new product release today. Including, a host load of new features.

Major New Features and Enhancements
· Introduction of datastore objects
· Introduction of ESX-datastore path objects
· Support for distributed virtual switch Integration with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) for enhanced live monitoring of Windows machines
·Integration with PC-over-IP module in View 5.0 for enhanced live monitoring of View
desktop performance monitoring
·Visualization of dependencies of objects with alerts
· Addition of new measures to VMs and ESXes
· Newly created objects get initial profiles after one day
· Automatic calculation and setting of an appliance’s optimal packet sampling rate
· Report history length dependent upon product type
· Support for more than one management interface on appliance
· Ability to specify which ESX to monitor and manage
· Revised and reorganized some user interface components
· Support for vSphere 5 and VMware View 5.0
· Deprecated support for ESX 3.5
· Terminology change for XESX


Including the ability to see inside the OS.
I love the new ability to see Datastore information.

I have walked through these features in the following videos.

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I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Roger L

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