Zenoss 2.3.2 is Now Available

Zenoss 2.3.2 is Now Available, posted at http://blog.zenoss.com

The latest stable packaged version of Zenoss Core, version 2.3.2, is now available for download. Zenoss Core 2.3.2 is available from:
and the release notes are available here:
2.3.2 Release Notes (PDF)

Installation and upgrades from earlier versions are now covered in a unified document available here:
Zenoss 2.3.2 Install Guide (zipped PDF)
OSX instructions (zipped PDF)

This is a maintenance release that addresses the following issues, by release:
Verified defects fixed in Version 2.3.2
Verified defects fixed in Version 2.3.1
Verified defects fixed in Version 2.3.0

Thanks Matt!