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VMware Virtualization Online Forum on demand Video and Audio – VMware – Netapp – EMC – Dell – HP

by Roger Lund

Here are some on demand video and audio from today VMware Virtualization Online Forum

I am not sure how long these will work, but here you go.


Automate Virtual Machine Recovery with SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure

Virtualizing Exchange with NetApp and VMware

Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategies for Virtualized Environments


Deep Dive: Data De-duplication for VMware Infrastructure Backups

Simple Acceleration of VMware Virtual Desktop Integration

Overcoming the IT Management Challenges of Virtual and Physical Environments

DEMO: EMC Rep Manager Enables Instant VMFS Backup & Restore

Cut Virtualization Costs Using the Best Storage for Your Environment: iSCSI, NFS, or FC SAN

EMC & VMware: Scaling VDI without Scaling Cost

Optimizing SAP with VMware: A Unique Virtualization Solution

Best Practices for IT Infrastructures: Deploying Virtualization for Remote and Branch Offices

Deploying the Ultimate Disaster Recovery Solution with VMware and EMC

Managing the Server and Network Change and Configuration Lifecycle

Managing VMware Best Practices with EMC ADM

EMC & VMware: Disaster Recovery with Site Recovery Manager

Simple Acceleration of VMware Virtual Desktop Integration

EMC Solutions for Microsoft Exchange Environments on VMware

EMC on Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Managing and Rapid Provisioning with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

EMC & VMware: IP Storage-iSCSI, NFS, or Fibre Channel?

EMC & VMware: Redefining Backup with De-duplication


The Best Platform for Business-Critical Applications

From Zero to 1,000+ Virtual Machines: A Step-By-Step Guide

Simplifying Remote Office Management with VMware Infrastructure

Dell / Equallogic

Simple, Affordable Disaster Recovery Automation in the Virtualized IT Datacenter

VMWare/Dell EQL Simple, Affordable, Integrated Disaster Recovery and Data Protection for Virtual Infrastructures

Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition In Action


Taking Your IT Consolidation to the Next Step with VMware, HP and Intel

HP | VMware Virtual Desktop Initiative

Transform Your Desktop with Virtualization: VDI solutions from AMD, HP and VMware

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