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Anniversary passed without notice

by Philip Sellers

Yesterday marked a milestone for me.  I signed on with this blog exactly one year ago yesterday, and I missed my anniversary.  It was only today that I noticed that my archives extended back to August 2008 and when I clicked in, found that my first post went live on August 4.

I still seem to be finding my voice – finding my topic – and I guess that’s part of the journey.  I have always enjoyed writing, though I’m not sure my prose is particularly interesting to read, its something I will continue to try and refine.  My first year has been marked with posts about the work I’m currently doing and new projects I’m undertaking.   I started with a focus on two core topics – VMware and Apple stuff – and I’ve kinda stuck to those.  I expanded with my personal experiences with Mac finance software and some other topics, but early on, I got a lot of hits from my VMworld posts.  I hope to do this again this year at the conference.

Anyways, bear with me as I continue to figure out how to effectively do this – as I found out what people find useful or interesting – and as I continue to share my experiences from a sys admin’s world.

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