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Dropcam celebrating its 4th birthday with a giveaway

by Philip Sellers

clickDropcam, the maker of the awesome IP camera and DVR service, is celebrating its 4th birthday and to celebrate, they’re giving away a free Dropcam or a year of Dropcam DVR service each day for the next 7 days.  Get all the details on how to enter the contest over at Dropcam’s Facebook page or at this email newsletter I received.

I had been eyeing a Dropcam for a long time and finally purchased one on Cyber Monday.  I LOVE my Dropcam.  My wife and I just had a baby and so the Dropcam is setup so that I can visit with mom and baby during the day when I go back to work later this week.  It is perfect because I can see high definition video of our newborn and mom and peek in on them from work.  We have also used it to keep and eye on him from our iPhone next to the bed – our baby monitor for now.  Its been great to watch him while he sleeps and we do chores around the house.

After we finish using it as a baby cam, we are going to permanently mount it in our living room to be a security camera.  Two times last year while we were away on a trip, our security system has gone off and we were two time zones away with no way to know what was going on in our home.  With Dropcam, that won’t be the case anymore.  We will be able quickly pull up live video of our home and even get motion alerts from inside our home when we are away.  Best of all, the app and setup of the camera was extremely simple – you could tell it was designed for real people, not just geeks.  Even though I’m technical, I appreciated the simplicity.  But simplicity doesn’t mean lack of functionality  either.  The Dropcam is full featured and includes the ability to digitally zoom the camera, the ability to enable or disable the microphone, the ability to talk back through the camera and the ability to enable or disable infrared, night vision (or set it to auto and let the cam decide).

The Dropcam website is dead simple to use just like the iPhone/Android app.  You can visit and see heads up of multiple Dropcams if you have more than one registered in your account.  Anyways, this is a product I love.

Dropcam GiveawayDropcam did not request and is in no way sponsoring this post – these impressions are my own.  Dropcam did not send me a free cam – I bought the one that I’m gushing about and I genuinely think its a fantastic IP camera and service.  (I won’t turn away anything Dropcam may send my way, though!)

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