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Change is good and there’s lots of change in my life

by Philip Sellers

Photo by Nan Palmero

Back in August, my family relocated to the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.  For some reason, I’ve waited to share that news.  Maybe it is a good thing.  Not only do I have that news, but much more has happened since we moved.

Funny enough, when I wrote PowerCLI Cookbook a year ago, the publisher offered me several photos for the cover.  The one that I settled on was the Charlotte skyline.  Maybe that was prophetic.

In July, my wife was offered an incredible new role focused in sustainability and recycling with a healthcare system.  It was far too good to pass up and we made the decision to relocate.  We moved at the beginning of August and that month was really busy – getting our daughter into school and our son settled into a new daycare – not to mention, unpacking and setting up life in a temporary apartment.  Horry Telephone extended me the opportunity to work remotely, temporarily, after my relocation which helped with transition and having a little bit of continuity.

Just as things started to settle out in October, I was offered a new opportunity to join AmWINS Group, an insurance brokerage company headquartered in Charlotte, as a solutions engineer.  I’m about six weeks into the new job and completely enjoying the new role.  It combines everything I’ve done in the past with the ability to help engineer great solutions for the company.  The new company is progressive and seems to be a great work environment.

But we’re not done.  The new city has offered us a lot of other opportunities.  We’ve recently sold our home in the Myrtle Beach area and we’re looking forward to settling into a new permanent home here in the Charlotte area.

As exciting as it is, there is a lot we miss in the Myrtle Beach area – mostly our friends and hangouts we frequented for the last 20 years.  But change is good.  Perhaps one day, we’ll learn to do it in smaller doses.

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