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HP Discover 2012: Decrease time to value with HP AppSystem solutions

by Philip Sellers

Five click and you’re in business.  That’s the value pitch for HP’s AppSystem product offerings for various database and software products I received from Martin Whittaker, Vice President of Systems and Solutions Engineering.  And given the amount of time that I’ve invested and seen my coworkers invest into bringing various solutions online, there is an incredible amount of value to be had for deploying systems using purpose-built solutions.  Five clicks.

Of course, this is all accomplished through the incredible amount of work that HP has done in investing in automation and these solutions are built on the expertise that they have gleaned from hundreds of thousands of implementations of these various software packages under their belt.

HP AppSystem products are single SKU product solutions that are vertically integrated hardware, storage, networking and software which is purpose-built for a specific application.  Just as benchmark systems are carefully built to specifically perform well on the benchmarking tests, these solutions are purpose built to provide the best performance and improved time to value.

HP has released two new AppSystem offerings – AppSystem for Apache Hadoop and AppSystem for SAP HANA.  Both of these new offerings are centered around the difficulties of storage and analytics of big data sets.  Apache Hadoop is an implementation of Google’s MapReduce and Google File System papers that tackles the issue of storage for large data sets across multiple nodes and then allows them to be interpreted into usable information.  The SAP HANA solution is about doing in-memory database analytics at near-realtime results of large data sets.

These new solutions joins an impressive set of specific use-case solutions for Microsoft SQL Server for consolidation of database servers and for data analysis, Microsoft Exchange messaging solutions, Microsoft Lync unified communication, and Vertica data analytics solutions.  To learn more about AppSystems and the ideas behind all of them, check out this video from HP:

Disclosure: HP sponsored my trip to HP Discover, covering all travel expenses, however HP does not control the content of the posts that I write based on my attendance to the show.  The thoughts, impressions and information contained in this post are my own. 

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