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Good (early) morning from VMworld – Day 1

by Philip Sellers

Its still early here in my hotel room at the Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas.  I’m up early because I haven’t adjusted to Pacific time.  I’m just going through my agenda for the day.  Mostly today is a partner and technology showcase day, so not many sessions to attend, but a good time to go through the conference showroom and see what vendors are coming up with.  There is one partner session about HP hardware and Site Recovery Manager, so I plan to definitely be there.

I sat with a nice gentleman for Greensboro, NC, on the plane here.  He and his co-worker were on their way to the conference also and turns out his co-worker was born in my hometown.  We’re probably even related to some of the same people.  Just goes to show that maybe my mom was right and whole world DOES revolve around Cheraw… lol

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