HP/HPE Physical to VMware conversion for Windows 2008 R2 blue screens

Recently, I was converting an HP/HPE Windows 2008 R2 physical server into VMware (yes, P2V still happens), when I hit a blue screen on boot.  Turned out I was getting an Inaccessible Boot Volume stop error – a partial screenshot is below. Problem was, the blue screen went by so quickly that I had a […]

Investigating and setting syslog settings for ESXi with #PowerCLI

Persistent logs in ESXi are useful in all troubleshooting situations.  Earlier this week, I posted about vRealize Log Insight and as part of the quick-start of that product, it can set remote syslog settings on an ESXi host.  What should you do if you want to set your own settings – to a third party […]

VMware vCenter users are entitled to free 25 OSI licenses of vRealize Log Insight #FreeVMwareStuff

Its not news, but I find that a lot of folks still don’t realize that they are entitled to free benefits from VMware, included with their vSphere licenses.  In this #FreeVMwareStuff post, I want to focus on vRealize Log Insight. Anyone who has entitlement to VMware vCenter also gets 25 OSI licenses for vRealize Log […]

Cross vCenter vMotion UI from VMware Flings #FreeVMwareStuff

File this under – have you seen it?  Cross vCenter vMotion is one of the most useful features that was introduced in recent years.  I say that because a lot of times we have consolidation projects in a company that does a lot of mergers and acquisitions.  We inherit companies that already have vSphere and […]

A simple script to update ESXi host DNS settings in PowerCLI

Not long ago, we updated our internal DNS to use Cisco Umbrella (aka OpenDNS).  During the migration, we needed to update all of the DNS settings on our ESXi hosts.  There is a built-in cmdlet called Set-VMHostNetwork which will update the settings.  The best practice is to always have multiple DNS servers, so doing that is […]

Automating VMware Tools upgrades on VM reboot with PowerCLI

When it comes to improving the health of an existing vSphere environment, one of the first lifts that you should try is upgrading all of the VMware Tools to the current version of your ESXi hosts.  A lot of times, the VMware Tools get installed during initial deployment and forgotten.  VMware has made a lot […]

Warning: SolidFire Element OS 10.1 + vSphere Round Robin PSP + VVOLs = problems

Warning: SolidFire Element OS 10.1 + vSphere Round Robin PSP + VVOLs = problems During our recently Element OS 10.1 upgrade, we experienced a catastrophic failure between vSphere and Solidfire.  Although the Solidfire array continued to stay online, IO between vSphere and array slowed to crawl leading to non-responsive hosts and VM workloads – in […]

Patching VCSA 6.5 to Update 1 in a vCenter HA configuration

One of the best things included in the vCenter Server Appliance is the automatic update feature in the Appliance Manager.  This handy feature makes updates to a VCSA simple and quick.  Unfortunately, using vCenter HA, included in the VCSA 6.5, breaks this patching for most users.  Why?  The simple answer is that the secondary and […]

An easy fix for vSphere 6.5, web client and certificates to keep your uploads flowing

An upgrade vSphere 6.5 means no more beloved Windows/C# vSphere Client and loads of people are being forced to the web client.  With the web client, certificates play a much more important role in the overall design and untrusted certificate on your vCenter and ESXi hosts will plague you when trying to deploy new VMs, […]