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HP makes converged infrastructure announcements

by Philip Sellers

HP Discover 2011 Give Away

Prior to my arrival in Las Vegas, HP held a press conference to make some major converged infrastructure announcements to the public and press.  Because I was not able to attend the event live, I am going to link to some additional coverage below from those who were on site, but I also wanted to provide a recap of what was discussed:

  • New Storage Hardware announcements – the P6000 EVA and the X9000 Ibrix
  • HP is moving three storage platforms to a common Store360 software platform.  The Ibrix, Lefthand and StoreOnce systems will all be based on the Store360 scale-out software.
  • HP is building out purpose built solutions for software applications to enable customers to implement the software in hours and not months.  An example of this is the E5000 Messaging System for Microsoft Exchange 2010.  Yesterday, HP also announced the X5000 NAS solution for file sharing running Windows Storage Server.
  • The P6000 EVA was unveiled, representing the fifth generation of EVA.  This EVA introduces iSCSI direct from the array for the first time and both SAS and Fibre Channel drives available.  Thin-provisioning and dynamic LUN migration is part of the software enhancements.  The software will be available to all HP EVA customers with active maintenance.

Additional coverage:

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In the interest of full disclosure, HP and Ivy Worldwide invited me and paid for my trip to HP Discover.  Even though, I am trying to relay the information as impartially as possible.

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