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HP VMware Technical Forum

by Philip Sellers

I just returned from the HP Customer Focused Testing VMware Technical Forum in Colorado Springs, CO.  HP’s Colorado Springs facility is primarily the StorageWorks storage products location – specializing in their XP, EVA and MSA storage arrays.  I was very impressed with the amount of technical knowledge by the folks there, the facilities and not to mention the area.

The VMware Technical Forum was the first in the US, I believe, for the Customer Focused Testing group.  This group has specialized in Microsoft Exchange and SQL, Oracle and SAP as product lines but recently added VMware to their testing group, as well.  This group is responsible for testing different scenarios and configurations to provide some best practices and whitepapers for HP users – mimicing real-world environments and configurations.

There were two particularly impressive sessions provided from one of the Paris, France, associates in the CFT group.  Christophe Dubois did a phenominal job covering VMware configurations for Exchange and typical problems of intensive transactional workloads on VMware.   The CFT team specializes in the HP Storageworks products and they have an immense breadth of information on these products.

I have a couple additional topics that were sparked out of this forum that I will be blogging about in a few days.  Check back for more on those.

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