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Presenting Alex Veprinsky

Constant Challenges for I. T.


  • Complex Infrastructure
  • Constant Fire-Fighting
  • Fragmented Data Silos


Introducing HPE PRIMERA

HPE PRIMERA Foundation elements

  • Powerful New Architecture
  • Build for Intelligence
  • Redefined Management


Architected for speed and intelligence


Flexible and Powerful Architure



All-active and lock-less with no single point of failure


Optimized for SCM and NVMe


Predicts and prevents disruptions that prevent outages


Manage performance at Scale


Today vs Ideal

Latency at scale as IOPS increase,  SCSI has challenges. NVMe comes into play.


Understanding Storage

Servers > Fabric > Nodes > Backend.


Built for NVME, Optimized for SCM.



no cpu on ASIC’s


Latency response is important.

Cache hits and IO deliver to the backend have a IOPS impact.

PRIMERA delivers most I/O in .03 MS , without NVMe


Predictable, Low Latency even at scale.

  • All-Active
  • Memory-driven
  • Lockless

1.5m IOPS at 44GB/S


Current support for Front End NVMe with Fiber Support. Example Linux. NVMe with roce on 200G as a example,


The Service-Centric OS Architecture



Moving away from this


To this. Software features will be service deliverable as a example.

Intgelligance Changes Everything.



Tune the sytem in real-time


View statturation, trouble shooting at the datacenter level



Embedded, Self-optimizing AI Engine

  • Anomaly detection
  • Hotspot detection
  • Workload prediction
  • “what if” scenarios
  • Estimate saturation
  • Forecast system load



Collect > Learn > Identify, score > Correlate > Act.


AI/ML Offers Multiple Insights into Data Center

  • Topology insights
  • Performance insights
  • Workload insights



Performance insights 

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Saturation
  • Problem space
  • Performance

Allows the identification in real time, to shorten resolution.

Workload Insights

Allows you to compare workloads with other customers.


Whats Next?

Next-Step AI-RUN Storage

Traditional Storage System vs intelligent Storage System.

Using AI Model to Optimize Tunevv

  • Impact of tunevv
  • Forcast
  • AI in action

Allows identification of customer workload patterns.

Upgrading has never been so easy fo High-End Storage.

  • Efficient scaling
  • Simple refresh
  • Intelligent updates.

Scale up, Scale out, Scale up and out – non-disruptively

Either and or flexibility


HPE PRIMERA is truly timeless

  • All inclusive licensing
  • Free controller upgrade options
  • Availability & data reduction guarantee


Protect your applications

  • Resilient
  • Protected
  • Predictive


Powerful Native Replication

  • peer persistence
  • synchronous
  • periodic

Secure Quorum witness

peer persistence – Zero RPO RTT latency < 5ms Automatic failover.

Sync, IP over 10Gbe or FC. 

Synchronous – Zero PRO RTT latency < 5 ms manual failover

Async periodic 5 + min interval RTT latency < 1s manual failover.


Heterogeneous Data protection and mobility

HPE Recovery manager central between platforms.


This is part of the Tech Field Day Exclusive with HPE Storage 2019



Roger Lund

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader