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HPE INFOSIGHT: The Global Intelligence Engine

by Roger Lund

HPE INFOSIGHT: The Global Intelligence Engine

Coming to you live from California at the Tech Field Day event, #TFDx, @HPE_Storage , #NthSymp2019


Today’s Reality for IT.


  • Infrastructure complexity
  • Never-Ending Fire Fighting
  • Pressure to lower cost
  • Pressure to do more

AI for autonomous Infrastructure

  • Self-managing
  • self-healthing
  • self-optimizing


Intelligence is Key for Infrastructure management.

More than 90% of problems arise from the above the storage layer,


HPE Infosight: Industries most advanced ai for infrastructure

  • Differentiated Impact
  • Predictive support
  • AI-driven operations
  • intelligent infrastructure
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Predictive analytics engine
  • Global learning
  • Recommendations engine
  • Cross-stack Telemetry



Storage, Compute, HCI,dCHI.


AIOPS For the Hybrid Cloud

For the App Owner, VM Admin, Cloud Admin, Devops, and Infa Admin.

The Cloud-based AIOps Platform sites on top of the stack.


HPE infosight cover agress the HPE portfolio


New support the the following:

primera, proliant, synergy, splivity, and dHCI.


See once, prevent for all.

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Case Creation
  3. Installed-Base Prevention
  4. Root Cause analysis
  5. Problem resolution

HPE Infosight Prevented 600 systems from ESXI issues.

Issue: Massive application slow down.

Impact 10X lower throughput and latency


Illegal iSCSI command in ESX created huge performance impact after a nimbleOS upgrade. Rapidly create a workaround until the vendor fixed the bug.


600 systems that would have experienced the issue were blacklisted.


AI-Drive Operations takes out the guesswork


  • Improve Performance
    • example apply QOS
  • Optimize
    • example move VM’s
  • Simplify
    • Capacity reaching limits, add a shelf of disk on a date.

AI Performance Recommendation Engine.

Can help you by highlighting a area of higher vs low impact.

Can zoom into time zone to get more detail.

Resource planner

Resource planner models resource requirements based off of workload, cpu, iops.

On-Premise Workload Insights.

  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Evenly distributed workloads based on the saturation of each array
  • Performance optimization
  • Application Tagging.
  • Monitored in the cloud, deployed onsite.


Infosight for HPE Simplivity

  • Visitability
  • Predictive analytics
  • VM resource utilization
  • wellness


This is part of the Tech Field Day Exclusive with HPE Storage 2019



Roger Lund

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