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Netapp Insight 2018 – Keynote Day 1

by Roger Lund

I am here today at Netapp’s Premier event as both a partner and a Tech Field Day Delegate.

This is a live post in progress.


They are Kicking off the keynote with some great music.



They start by kicking off a video about data driven.


Netapp ‘s George Kurian kicks it off.


He talks about the agenda to accelerate your business.


He states digital transformation is a top business priory for all customers. data is the digital business, data is the fuel for the digital business.


Market Leaders are data driven. 2006 1 out of top 10 ,2011 4 out of top 10, 2017 6 out of top 10.


Data driven digital transformation accelerates business outcomes.


Becoming data driven

break down the silos, make dedicated teams, and make a business process.

Digital transformation

  1. requires IT transformation
  2. Speed is the new scaleHybrid Multi-cloud
  3. is the de factio IT ArchitectureBuild a Data Strategy
  4. Move from data centers to data fabrics


Kate from Dream works comes on stage.

She talks about 500mill files per film, and 10 films under development at once. In a hybrid cloud.

They are a digital manufacturer. Netapp is the choice for their data.

They are moving to a co engineering partnership.

They are streamlining operations to optimize the pipeline.


Dreamworks has a Sneak Peak of the next movie.

How to train your dragon, the hidden world.


What of the leading futurist’s in the world, Gerd Leonhard

Furturist and humanist

humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years.

Humanity and technology are converging.

The future is already here: Science fiction is increasingly becoming science fact.

The game-chanrgers: Big Data + Cloud, ioT,AI, Super-Computer, Blockchain 3D-Printing

Technology is becoming life silences.

Data is the new Oil

AI is the new electricity

IoT is the new nervous system

AI: Computers systems that turn information and data into KNOWLEDGE

Your data and information s not all we need in order to gain knowledge

and knowing is not the same as understanding.


We are building a new Meta-Intelligenance :

It could be heaven or it could be hell.

Technology is morally neural – until we use it ( and we use it everywhere now ) william gibson.



Talk of Ai and Ethics is on the rise.

With great power comes great responsibility. Digital Ethics the #1 topic for 2019 ( gartner )

Digital ethics is the difference between doing whatever technology process will enabl eus to do, and putting human happiness and societal flourishing first at all times

Technology and data has no ethics – but societies without ethics are doomed.

Who will be mission control for humanity?

Today it isn’t a problem, yet.

Facebook example gunning for Democracy.

Data Mining – works like a amazing mouse trap.

Data Myning

If? How? To Why? Who?

Key question. How much do you believe in technology?

AI? The Singularity?

Are humans ‘just really fancy ‘data?

Humans : androrithms





Machines : algorithms

Technology is exponential

Humans are not!

We are not going to be come useless humans.

Machines will learn every single routine in the next 10 years. 65% of those jobs.

The end of routine is NOT the end of work! It’s just a end to routine.

Advise: don’t let you kids learn anything that requires routine.

Develop the right brain.

The future is driven by data – and defined by Humanity

Embrace Technology but don’t become it.


George takes back the stage.

He talks about the human aspects of data change.

Driven by data, but defined by humanity.


Digital transformation

  1. requires IT transformation
  2. Speed is the new scaleHybrid Multi-cloud
  3. is the de factio IT ArchitectureBuild a Data Strategy
  4. Move from data centers to data fabrics


Digital transformation

    • requires IT transformation

In the public cloud –


Innovation with the clpoud


Clouds to accelerate new services


IT Architecture with cloud -connected flash.

Anthony Lye takes the stage

Build your data fabric

He is showing us how to access netapp cloud central

You select your workloads

A set of services available to you.

Shows Cloud Tier-ing , public cloud or private cloud of your choosing.

Next Shows Cloud Volumes across public clouds, with protections, protocols , snapshots.

Now showing a example of Kubernetes.

He talks about HCI, and how you can use data fabric to extend the same functionality of public cloud onto private cloud.

From SMB to Enterprise.



Hakon – Taking the stage.

Life sciences has a new challenge. Mining data!

The new challenge : mining the increasing valuable data growth.

Solving the big data problem.

Allowing life sciences companies to….

Source cohorts

discover tragets identify biomakers

optimize trails.

Clinical sequence analysis.

Data capture and primary analysis

secondary analysis

variant collection know base

tertiary analsis

patient summary report



Geothermic ordering enables rapid queries

We are a company that is enabling other life sciences companies to use genomics to improve life sciences.


Netapp Thanks us for enabling Netapp to successful.


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