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Netapp Insight 2018 – TFDx- HCI Revealed! Hyper Converged or Hybrid Cloud?

by Roger Lund

I am sitting in Las Vegas , at a round table with some great colleagues today. No not at a poker table, but at yet another Tech Field Day.

A Few of the delegates.


also we have  at the table and and in the room!

Yes it’s  !


Time to get started.


Kicking it off is Gabriel Chapman @Bacon_Is_King




What is HCI.


Easy to buy

Simple to setup correctly

consolidates management & mait

Make private clouds easy

one throat to choke

easy to plan and scale

pay as you go expansion & economics

Rapidly respond to business demands



What is the differences between converged and HCI? Parts? self deployed vs built for the customer. Scale up vs Scale out.


Will we see a Mega Deployed in the future? Focus on a single platform and hardware Independence? Gabe thinks so.


Hypervisor and storage combined on Bare Metal. This gives us consolidated management. perhaps 1.0



Next we have Independent Hypervisor and Storage. Lets call this HCI 2.0


HCI Architectural options.


Deployed as a VM.

  • Time to market
  • Low entry point
  • Multiple hypervisors
  • Easy to buy
  • Simple to install
  • Consolidated management


Hypervisor based.

  • Feature Integration
  • Less overhead


Independent Compute and Storage

  • Flexibility & Scale
  • Enterprise Storage
  • Bare Metal workload is a option


Lets not get bogged down with definitions.



Netapp has the following focuses:


  • Innovation in the cloud


  • Clouds to accelerate new services.


  • IT Architecture with Cloud-Connected flash.



Digital Transformation is driving new IT Imperatives.


Gabe claims it’s the battle of the harts and minds, as the public cloud comes into the data center. A example is snowball.


Netapp HCI focused on Customer Challenges.


  • Deliver Applications Faster
  • Operate Like Public Cloud
  • Provide Predictable Performance


Will the future of Netapp’s HCI be all cloud services on a local on-prep HCI offering?

Gabe and our delegates think it’s a future possibility.


Netapp HCI uses the solidfire technology, you can mix the storage nodes with a HCI storage cluster. It’s the same solution.


Netapp HCI Product Vision


Integrate Cloud Services.

Tackle new challanges

Enterprise scale HCI



Netapp Data Fabric

  • Integration at each step.


Extend Netapp Cloud Services

Expanded compute configurations.

New Trition nodes, GPU Accelerated Nodes.

Streamlined Infrastructure mgmt

Advanced Data Protection

Layered Security

Bundled Switch

Data Fabric

Netapp Open Shift Validated Design almost live


Looking to get to a 2 x 2 node configuration. 2x Computer, 2x Storage, and 2x witness nodes. Exploring options.


No Fiber Channel over token ring support. tehehe….


Thanks Gabe!



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