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Netapp Insight 2018 – Keynote Day 2

by Roger Lund

It’s day three here at Netapp Insight. And we are gearing up for our second keynote shortly.


Below I will do a live blog as I can of the keynote.




Today’s focus is netapp’s data fabric.


On the stage Henri Richard.


He talks about leveraging you data. He likes the concept of speed is the new scale. Stresses the importance of not just a business strategy but a data driven strategy.


France is not for sale… haha


Henri discussing customers and approach.


Dreamworks will come talk from a technical standpoint.


We will here from our business leaders.


Dave hits will give a small preso.



Scott dawkinds and Jeff wike take the stage.


Jeff talks about the need to burst out past the data center, into the public cloud.


Scott talks about the customer needs and trying to align the business offerings to meet the needs with data fabric.


Jeff talks about his public cloud journey. What he really wants is to start with a cloud native way, ( they use micro services ) he wants to be able to control where the process goes based on latency and cost. The artist shouldn’t care where the data is.


Scott talks about how netapp envisions one way to orchestrate the work, and set how scheduling is done with your own resources and public cloud. The next phase is around analytics.


Jeff stresses the importance of not having the budget to move the entire data center into the cloud, but just the working set. Cost is important, but so is performance.


Scott talks about the impressive workload is, Jeff jokes about him wanting his job. Then goes into flash and tiering.


Wrapping up this segment.



Anthony Lye.


He talks about how netapp has been a pioneer in the field.



  • Innovation with cloud


Netapp Cloud Data services, deploy, run , monitor, maintain and manage services on the biggest public clouds so costumers don’t have to.

  • Cloud Analytics
  • Orchestrations , integrations, controls
  • Data services
  • Cloud Storage

A Year Of Innovation.


Tad Brockway, GM Azure storage.


Tad talks about the deep engineering project, and the two teams and how they have worked together. Leading to a real solution for real piratical workloads.


They discuss how they are delivering storage as a service, and on demand. Allowing a Application developer to have access to ontap on the public cloud.


Azure NetApp files can deliver.


100k IOPS @ sub-millisecound latency,


Unprecedented Cloud Performance.


Brad Clark. Director, McKesson.

Brad talks about the impressive latency, and predictable throughput.

He talks about how he was able to provision storage in under 60 minutes.

He talks about how he can shorten the time to delivery on the public cloud with SAP.


Netapp talks about the data management challenge, and new certifications.



next segment



Netapp Kubernetes, ISTIO, and Trident.


Kubernetes is the clear winner in container orchestration.

However, Containers need world class storage solutions.

Netapp Kubernetes Services  ( NKS )

The Control Plane.


You can deploy clusters of containers on all clouds, and private cloud. ( HCI)


The Industry’s first complete multi-cloud kubernetes control plane.


James Holden


Cloud Insights


Giving a demo of the product. It allows you to monitoring both public and on-prem.


next segment


Brad Anderson.


He talks about the bar, and expectations, and how the bar is only going to get higher.



  • Clouds to Accelerate New Services.


We promised and we’re delivering.


After last conference we launched HCI. He talks about the new services and business models and how that is his mission. to power a hybrid multi-cloud experience.


HCI  – Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Simplify , Automate, Deliver..


Benjamin Molloy,

Rachael Hedges.


Case Study : Consultel Cloud.



Adam Carter


Netapp delivers a data fabric built for the data driven world.


He is going to show us a example of a service. a Demo.


segment end


Joel Reich




Digital transformation requires IT Transformation.

He discuses the Value of flash. Cost savings, and how you can simplify your IT.


Thank you to our customers, and partners.





Talking about ontop, the journey, MQTT-Broker.




IBM Cloud


Discussing moving to the cloud. The journey.

Talking both the on-prem and cloud partnership. HCI / And Flexpod.


netapp ontap AI. with Nvidia and Netapp.


Accelerate your AI data pipeline for deep learning.


Introducing Netapp Max Data.

Max Data gives you SPEED!


Intel collaboration, with OPTANE DC Persistent memory.


11X in mongodb.

on-prem and in the future in the cloud.




Dave Hitz


Cloud first customers.

Cloud it? Should it?


He believes it’s the golden age of AI.


He shows how a actual cloud developer would run a .rg file.


He shows a example of the future of the data center, multi-cloud.


With the cloud , the goal is to inspire innovation.


In close, please us work with you to build your data fabric.


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