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NETAPP INSIGHT 2018 – TFDX- Data Fabric 2.0

by Roger Lund

It’s Wednesday. We are here at the Netapp Insight event. And Netapp again is presenting on NetApp Data Fabric 2.0


also we have  at the table and and in the room!

Yes it’s the hashtag  and #TFDx !


Here we go!


Eiki Hrafnsson presenting.


Data Fabric 1.0


  • Colocation
  • Public Cloud
  • Data Center
  • Snap mirror connected.


NetApp delivers a data fabric built for the data-driven world.


  • Data Viability
  • Data Protection
  • Data Integration and Orchestration
  • Data & Cloud Optimization
  • Data Security & compliance


Data Fabric Services


  • Management & Monitoring
  • Orchestrations, integrations, controls
  • Data services – backup , protection, security
  • Data Storage


( Cloud Central Demo , will put video here )


The Data Fabric Services Catalog – Netapp & 3rd Party

Unified single endpoint Services API ( the data fabric API )


Data Fabric / Cloud Orchestration’s scope


  • Extensible data fabric api for multi cloud discovery, data movement, and services
  • extensible cloud orchestrate user interface
  • multiple cloud identity management and RBAC
  • Global Metadata APU labels and other metadata
  • Core Services
  • Cloud volumes and cloud backup
  • Netapp kubernetes Service and Fabric apps
  • Fabric Flows


Data Orchestration & Integration


Setup Data Sync Relations that sync data to and from your cloud volumes and any source / target auto optimized.

Build & run data fabric enabled applications on fully managed kubernetes cluster running within your own public cloud accounts or on-prem with Netapp HCI.

Visually design & run workflows that mashup your data fabric and data events with external services, events.



Data Sync


Sync/ Mirror your files between any source


Multi Cloud Workloads


Container based applications

netapp kubertnetes service

automated cluster config, deployment, autoscaling, ha

service mesh, ( istio) and cluster federation built-in


NKS – Product ready kubernetes Multi-cloud clusters.


Fabric Flows – Demo ( insert video here )


Cloud Insights





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