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SDR News: An HP Discover Plan

by Philip Sellers

Andy McCaskey with SDR News invited me onto SDR News Live to talk about HP Discover, coming up next week, in Las Vegas.  We had a great chat about what to expect with the show.  This will be my third trip out for an HP Discover and I have a lot to soak up about 3PAR storage and other new announcements HP will have during the week.

I have a lot of coverage planned for the blog beginning next week, so you’ll want to keep an eye out here and on Twitter.  Andy and SDR News will be on-site at HP Discover next week, too, so you’ll want to head over to sdrnews.com and follow Andy on Twitter, @axmc,  for all the latest from the show.

Disclosure: HP is sponsoring my trip to HP Discover, covering all travel expenses, however HP does not control the content of the posts that I write based on my attendance to the show.  The thoughts, impressions and information contained in this post are my own. 

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