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Security Field Day 2

by Michael Davis

After years of watching Tech Field Day events from afar, next week I will be joining in the fun as a delegate for Security Field Day 2. We will be joined by Palo Alto Networks, Banyan, Extrahop, Illumio, Edgewise Networks, Guardicore, and VMware presenting their visions on security in today’s increasingly large and complex environments.

Having just been at Palo Alto Networks’ Ignite event last week, it will be particularly interesting to get deeper on the recent acquisitions Twistlock and PureSec.

Now for a bit of disclosure; Tech Field Day crew is picking up airfare, hotel and meal expenses for myself and the other delegates through out the event.  Presenting vendors may also have tchotchke they give out.

So tune in at https://techfieldday.com/event/xfd2/ and let your voice be heard on twitter with #XFD2.

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