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Studying for VMware VCP certification

by Philip Sellers

I’ve been spending my day in a vacation rental unit on site where my wife is selling art today.  Her art show happened to fall on the weekend before I take my VPC certficiation exam, and I’m feeling very underprepared.  I’ve been studying for most of the afternoon since her show started and I’ve just attempted to take the Mock exam on the VMware website.  Its giving errors when I complete the exam.  Even thought I haven’t “passed” the exam, its telling me that there is a duplicate test and that I’m not able to submit my answers.  Funny thing is that I haven’t gotten 100% – the passing grade – on the test.  So, oh well, so much for scoring my progress.  Well, I’d better get back to studying.  My exam is on Wednesday morning.  I should have results immediately after taking the test.  Cross fingers for good news.

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