A view into Snapt , an application delivery designed for today and tomorrow.

Today I want to talk about Snapt: but wait…… lets talk about Modern service delivery and cover some lingo first.   We all have heard the words “Digital Transformation” , “Mode 2 bimodal IT“. Businesses in 2020 are trying to use “Digital innovation” I’ve linked these terms from the first google matches I could find. […]

Uila – A view into your data center.

I recently had the chance to get a product overview of Uila.   What product does Uila have?   “Uila’s Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring Monitoring helps align business and IT Operations goals in a single product by providing IT Operations with the application visibility and correlated network, compute and storage insights for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud-based Data Centers […]

Big Switch – Big Cloud Fabric

A overview of Big Cloud Fabric   Big Switch labels Big Cloud Fabric, the ” Next-Gen Data Center Switching Fabric” From the above Link. ” Big Cloud Fabric™ is the next-generation data center switching fabric delivering operational velocity, network automation and visibility for cloud-native applications and software-defined data centers, while staying within flat IT budgets. […]

Big Switch – Container Integration

I had a the opportunity of a Big Switch and Containers overview. From the Big Switch Page above.   ” Single SDN Fabric for Multi-Container Ecosystems. Big Cloud Fabric delivers network automation, deep visibility and rapid container-to-container troubleshooting in multi-container environments. Containers are a new atomic unit of computing that is ideal for emerging cloud-native, […]

HPE introduces native Docker drivers for 3PAR and StoreVirtual

The following post has been edited.  The capabilities originally reported are not in this release the Docker storage drivers and the post has been updated for accuracy. HPE announced last week at HPE Discover that it will be shipping native Docker storage drivers for 3PAR StoreServ and StoreVirtual arrays.  This storage driver will allow for […]

VMware says vSphere + Docker is “Containers without Compromise”

During the day 2 keynote at VMworld, VMware CTO Ben Fathi and Raghu Raghuram, the general manage of SDDC for VMware, discussed integrations between VMware’s software and OpenStack and Docker.  In particular, they talked at length about Docker’s Container software and positioned it as a complimentary and not a competitive technology, calling vSphere and Docker together a […]