Nimble storage finally gets sync replication, also Metro Storage clustering

After months of teasing that synchronous replication was coming, Nimble has finally delivered the capabilities to customers. HPE announced the new capability this week during HPE Discover in Madrid, but it went beyond simple replication in the same announcement.  HPE also enabled the ability to do metro clustering between Nimble storage arrays in the same […]

HPE introduces Optane in 3PAR and Nimble, skips over NVMe drives

This week I’m onsite at HPE Discover and I have had some interesting discussions with folks from HPE about NVMe and their choices around array architecture in 3PAR and Nimble.  HPE announced Memory-Driven Flash that is available for 3PAR arrays now and coming to Nimble arrays in 2019.  Memory-Driven Flash is storage class memory as […]