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Nimble storage finally gets sync replication, also Metro Storage clustering

by Philip Sellers

After months of teasing that synchronous replication was coming, Nimble has finally delivered the capabilities to customers. HPE announced the new capability this week during HPE Discover in Madrid, but it went beyond simple replication in the same announcement.  HPE also enabled the ability to do metro clustering between Nimble storage arrays in the same release.

On launch, Peer Persistence on Nimble will allow for Microsoft SQL workloads on Windows server and VMware vSphere workloads to do seamless failover between two arrays in synchronous distances.  Future releases will enhance support and an Oracle certification expected soon after release.

Peer Persistence is useful for critical workloads where customers want to eliminate the fault domain of a single storage array.  This type of single point of failure is sometimes viewed as unavoidable and so arrays are architected to have lots of resiliency to mitigate the risk.  Environmental issues (power, cooling, etc.) and even a bad code release (yes, they do happen) could put a critical system at risk for downtime and a costly outage, however metro storage clusters allow a pair of arrays to work together to protect workloads.

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