VMware ESX Networking Articles by blog.scottlowe.org

blog.scottlowe.org has a post that sum’s up the various network articles on the blog titled : VMware ESX Networking Articles

Over the past few years—almost four years now that I’ve been writing here on this site—I’ve written quite a few articles on VMware ESX networking. Here’s a collection of links to some of the more notable, and hopefully more useful, articles in that group.”

Here are the notable links, but please read the full blog post.

VMware ESX, NIC teaming, and VLAN trunking

VMware ESX, NIC teaming, and VLAN trunking with HP ProCurve

VMware ESX and the native VLAN

NIC utilization in VMware ESX, and then provided a follow up post

using the CLI to change the vSwitch load balancing policy

CLI guide to modify a port group

configuring VMware ESX, IP-based storage, and jumbo frames

What a great resource, thanks to the author.

Full Post : http://blog.scottlowe.org/2008/12/19/vmware-esx-networking-articles/

Written by Roger Lund

VMware and Storage crazy man, vExpert, MN VMUG leader