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VMworld 2009 is coming up soon

by Philip Sellers

Its a little over a month prior to VMworld 2009 in San Francisco.  I recieved my approvals from work and I’ll be attending again this year and I’m anticipating a great conference with lots of great material to bring back.  I am patiently waiting for my notification that we can begin registering for sessions and labs.  I’m hoping to get some hands on labs with vSphere so that I can see what we are missing at work.

As I’m planning for the trip, I was making a list of things that I’m interested to see or get more information about.  So I’ve come up with a list:

  1. vCenter AppSpeed – the demo we saw last year at VMworld looked really promising, so I’m interested to see how it works and acts in a real environment.
  2. vCenter Data Recovery – Data Recovery may have a real fit within our environment.  Backups and recovery are a pain point for us today.  VCB is a particular issue as our buy-in for virtualization has increased dramatically.  Data Recovery looks promising for our environment, but will require us to move to vSphere, a move we have yet to plan.
  3. Security appliances – With the advent of the vSafe API’s, I’m interested to see what security vendors will have to show us during the event.  I’m sure many are saving product announcements and demonstrations for the wide audience during the week, but so far there have been relatively few vendors to bring products to market around this technology.
  4. Third party virtual switches – I’d love to see a HP Procurve virtual switch (giving us the ability to have mirror ports and such like our physical Procurves).

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