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VMworld – Blogs @ 4:20 P.M, CST Day 1.

by Roger Lund

These are not in any order, I take no credit for these or the pictures below.

http://virtualaleph.blogspot.com : VMWorld 2009 San Francisco: Started

“Here’s the video posted by Richard Garsthagen showing us the buildup of VMWorld Datacenter.
Resources in the datacenter are:
– 776 ESX Servers
– 37 Terrabyte internal RAM Memory
– 6208 Cores
– 348 TB of Shared Stora”


http://vmguy.com/wordpress/index.php : And so it begins……VMWorld 2009

Got over to the Moscone Center early this morning. Looking pretty good, cool setup in the foyer:

The lines were not too long yet and moving quickly at the registration counter….

The longest lines I would find were in the VMware Store in Moscone South. Make sure to head over there soon if you want the “big guy” shirts like me…..


http://dantedog29.blogspot.com : First Thoughts on VMworld

Just got back to my Hotel Room after checking in at VMworld, and pretty happy so far. First of all, the bag is nice this year. The past couple of years, the bags have been real throw-aways, but this year, nice.

After registration, I met up with a former colleague on the VMware Compete Team. We walked over to Chevy’s for lunch, and just so happened a few of the other Compete folks were there as well. I was a little nervous when they cornered me in the back and started pulling out their brass knuckles, but was able to get out unscathed. To be honest, when I looked again, the brass knuckles were really a basket of chips, and they offered us to join them at their table.

Actually, it was great to see them, and we spent lunch talking about old times, and how they still use that Memory Overcommit and Cost per Application tacts, while we still focus on (I say we and still use even though I really just started) the tried and true “VMware Tax”, and “Single Pane of Glass” arguments.

Times are changing, but some things, I guess, stay the same.”


http://netapptips.com : VMworld 2009: Today’s Announcements

VMworld 2009 is finally here and that means that every vendor will be making announcements about new products, services and partnerships. Trying to keep up with everything can be incredibly complicated, so each day we will dedicate some space on the blog to highlighting the announcements that are most relevant to NetApp customers and partners.

NetApp Expands Management Integration with VMware for Cloud Computing Environments (link)

The foundations of Cloud Computing and next-generation Data Centers are virtualization and automation. NetApp continues to expand our integration with VMware vCenter by enabling RCU 2.1, VSC and SMVI 2.0 as vCenter plug-ins.

NetApp Virtualization Quick Start Bundles Speed Virtualization Deployment (link)

In addition to simplifying the underlying technologies, NetApp is simplifying the purchasing process for customers looking to virtualize, or expand their existing virtualized environments. These bundles align our best practices for virtualizing vSphere infrastructure, Microsoft Business Applications, and Virtual Desktops with technology from our global partners VMware and Cisco.

VMware Continues Its Reign as the Lowest Cost Per Application Leader with VMware vSphere™ 4 (link)

NetApp has consistently proven that we are committed to driving down the overall costs of deploying and managing virtualized Data Centers, and this announcements directly aligns with NetApp’s focus on bringing unmatched reliability, performance and overall cost to joint NetApp & VMware environments.

Broad Virtualization Ecosystem Rallies Behind VMware vCenter™
Product Family to Deliver Integrated Solutions for Simplified
Datacenter Management


Aligned with our announcements today regarding RCU 2.1, SMVI 2.0 and VSC, NetApp continues to align our management of VMware environments with VMware’s future vision.

Leostream Now Enables Enterprise-Class VDI Using Microsoft Virtualization and Management


As Microsoft’s 2009 Storage Solutions Partner of the Year, Leostream and Microsoft customers will be able to leverage the power of NetApp + Hyper-V integration, NetApp storage savings guarantee for Microsoft Hyper-V, and NetApp’s incredibly efficient storage for Virtualized Desktops. “


And some tweet pictures I have watched roll by today.

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